VISIT THE NEW SHOP COLLECTIVE “THE ONES” 811 E. Burnside, Portland Oregon 

Grand Opening December 10th!

Myself and fellow designers have teamed up to curate a lovey shop in the heart of Portland!  Liza Reitz (apparel) Rachel Ancliffe (apparel)  Sarah Bergman (apparel) Teresa Robinson of Tiro Tiro Jewelry will be showcasing and helping run the space along with Jessica Waltz at the helm.

   The word REVERE means to show devoted deferential honor.  It is an honor and practice of devotion to carry on the tradition of crafting jewelry for others.  My mother owned and ran a small custom jewelry store outside of Chicago and it was there that I started my love affair with jewelry. There was something so magical about melting down raw metal and transforming it into a piece that will become part of someone's identity and a future family heirloom.I hand form each piece in Portland, Oregon, keeping a bit of the raw metal exposed to show the transformation process that each piece has endured. I’m not influenced by the latest trends because I create pieces that are meant to stay with you for a lifetime.I want the people who wear REVERE to know a morally minded artist made their jewelry.  I use recycled silver and gold in all of my forged pieces, and seek out ethically mined stones. I am always looking for opportunities to reuse materials.  My Sculpture Series was made from recovered bronze from a beautiful old statue of a woman and her baby that was stolen, and later rescued from complete ruin. Each piece in the series tells the story of the tragic and exciting life of this woman who although battered and scarred, still lives on through to all those that wear her pieces or take in her beauty. Ask me the whole story next time you see me... xo